I have registered for some courses/workshops. Why do I need to wait for a period of time before they commence?
Most of our courses/workshops require a minimum number of participants to commence. Therefore, your application would be keep in view till we have the required number of participants. So do bring in your friends to join in with you!

How can I suggest events or activities that I feel would benefit the members?
You may leave a feedback for us at enquiry@tpga.sg.

How will I be informed the events organized?
You can view through our website at http://tpga.sg. Alternatively, you can also obtain the information through our Facebook page at http://facebook.com/TPGA.sg.

Who can participate in TPGA’s events?
Members of TPGA and their guests.

How long has TPGA been around?
Since 1994.

How long will it take to process my membership application? Do give us at least 3 week to verify and process your information.

How can I enquire more about TPGA membership?
Contact us at enquiry@tpga.sg.

What are the benefits of joining the membership?
Members of TPGA are entitled to book to school facilities at discounted rate, merchants discounts from our partners, networking sessions and gatherings. Our members can also stay connected with Temasek Polytechnic by receiving updates of upcoming events by the school.